Origin [Root Strata] Now Available

Composed by Duane Pitre and mixed here at Toneburst, Origin is set in 5 movements and is comprised of the vibrating strings of my ensemble of bowed "harmonic-guitars," which are unconventionally strung electric guitars (utilizing multi-unisons) tuned to intervals corresponding with the Harmonic Series, a.k.a. Just Intonation. Released on the San Francisco-based label Root StrataOrigin is available now on vinyl LP (limited edition of 300) with the CD version coming out this August. The LP comes with a download coupon for DRM-free MP3s of the entire album.

Check out what KFW's Mimaroglu Music Sales had to say about Origin; you can pick it up there, on my discography/store pageThrillJockey.com, amongst other online retailers...or going down to your local record store is always fun.

Listen to excerpts of the piece/record here